IF Seminar Series and IF Discussions

The IF Seminar Series and IF Disscussions are intended to provide an oppurtunity to communicate ideas between the Intensity Frontier experiments and inject insight from relevant outside experts.

Regularly scheduled IF seminars will be held for bi-weekly on Thursdays from 11:00 - 12:00 in the Hornets Nest (WH8X). IF Discussions will be schedule as needed and provide expanded time (up to 2 hrs) for detailed disscusion. For 2014 we will hold seminars bi-weekly on the off-weeks of the The Allure of Ultrasensitive Experiments series. Please see the schedule below for details. Dissusions are marked accordingly.

Remote connection for seminars: 866-740-1260 and use ID listed below. For remote presentation viewing visit www.readytalk.com. International participants dial: Toll Number: 303-248-0285 Or International Toll-Free Number: http://www.readytalk.com/intl .

Next Event (ReadyTalk ID: 5569401)

    Date Topic Speaker Files
    July 17 Detection of 0-pion CC neutrino interactions in LArTPC with ArgoNeuT. Flavio Cavanna, Yale University Flyer and Slides

Upcoming 2014 Schedule

                    Schedule for early 2014. Slots listed as OPEN are available for speakers. Please email the organizers if you are interested in filling one of these available slots.
    Date Topic Speaker Files

Past Events

    Date Topic Speaker Files
    Sept. 26, 2013 Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Dr. Tingjun Yang, Fermilab             Flyer and Slides
    Oct. 9, 2013 The need for an early anti-neutrino run of NOvA. Professor S. Uma Sankar, IIT Bombay             Flyer and Slides
    October 24, 2013 Supernova neutrinos. Professor Kate Scholberg, Duke University             Flyer and Slides
    Oct. 31, 2013 Proton Decay. Professor Ed Kearns, Boston University/Fermilab IF Fellow Flyer and Slides
    Nov. 7, 2013 Short Baseline Neutrino Experiments. Dr. Zarko Pavlovic, Los Alamos National Laboratory       Flyer and Slides
    Nov. 14, 2013 Long-baseline Experiments in the NuMI Beamline Professor Patricia Vahle, College of William and Mary/Fermilab IF Fellow       Flyer and Slides
    Dec. 12, 2013 Mu2e Dr. Andrei Gaponenko, Fermilab Wilson Fellow Flyer and Slides
    Feb. 13,2014 INT Workshop INT-13-54W review: Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions for Current and Next Generation Neutrino Oscillation Experiments Sam Zeller, Fermilab Flyer and Slides
    Feb 20 ANNIE: The Atmospheric Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment Matthew Wetstein, University of Chicago Flyer and Slides
    Wed, Feb 26 Exploring Majorana landscape: the NEXT generation Prof. Juan Jose Gomez-Cadenas, University of Valencia Flyer and Slides
    March 13 Opera results and emulsion detector applications. Thomas Strauss, University of Bern Flyer and Slides
    March 20 Planning for Future Neutrino Experiments Prof. Alex Sousa, University of Cincinnati Flyer and Slides
    April 17 The Muon g-2 Experiment Hogan Nguyen, Fermilab Flyer and Slides
    May 1 The MINERvA experiment Prof. Kevin McFarland, University of Rochester Flyer and Slides
    June 5 "Building for Discovery" at the Intensity Frontier Andre de Gouvea, Northwestern University Slides
For scheduling, questions and comments please email the organizers.
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